With Hazeltree, financial institutions simplify their strategic transparency, liquidity, and funding needs to efficiently protect assets, mitigate risk, and unlock additional value.

Hazeltree serves financial institutions globally.
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Hazeltree Cash Manager™

Are you actively managing and optimizing your cash to unlock value? Hazeltree provides innovative cloud-based treasury solutions to investment management firms, delivering enhanced transparency, liquidity, improved performance and risk mitigation. Hazeltree is a flexible and modular solution that offers best-of-breed treasury management capabilities, including cash, liquidity, collateral, securities finance, and analytics solutions. Our advanced technology…
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Hazeltree Transaction Manager™

Are you actively managing your cash and cash equivalent transactions to maintain control? Hazeltree Transaction Manager™ is a robust payment solution that provides organizations with a streamlined way to manage their wires, payments and securities transfer processes, while simplifying the management of multiple banking portals through a single interface. Clients benefit from operational efficiencies and…
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Hazeltree Liquidity Investment Platform™

Can you efficiently sweep your excess cash and realize optimal yield? Hazeltree Liquidity Investment Platform™ leverages Hazeltree Cash Manager™ to provide a fully automated sweep process that seamlessly connects bank, custodian and broker dealer accounts with safe, yield-enhancing money market funds. Hazeltree Liquidity Investment Platform™ offers automated rules-based solutions to initiate Money Fund purchase/redeem transactions.…
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Hazeltree Reconciliation Manager™

Are you actively reconciling and optimizing your cash, positions, and transactions? Hazeltree Reconciliation Manager™ delivers an automated reconciliation engine that facilitates auto-matching and exception processing. Reconciliations – across account, security position, cash, and transaction levels – can easily be maintained and tracked through a centralized reconciliation dashboard. Clients can effectively monitor the position level data…
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Hazeltree Securities Finance™

Can you easily locate, move securities, and achieve best execution? Hazeltree Securities Finance™ provides unique market color and rate transparency across counterparties to seize alpha-generating opportunities and seamlessly manage stock borrow and lending rates and positions. Our cutting-edge securities finance software empowers asset managers and hedge funds by offering unparalleled efficiency, transparency, and flexibility. Why…
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Hazeltree Counterparty Metrics™

Can you track your counterparty exposure? Do you have full visibility over your counterparties’ fees? Hazeltree Counterparty Metrics™ reduces counterparty risks by effectively monitoring relationships and providing comprehensive exposure reporting. Clients can effectively manage counterparty relationships, via a single dashboard, to track exposure and compare prime broker costs by commissions, securities financing and net interest…
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Hazeltree Collateral Manager™

Can you easily respond to demands or recall excess collateral? Are you ready to comply with UMR requirements? Hazeltree Collateral Manager™ is a next-generation collateral management and exposure management solution designed specifically for the buy-side. Hazeltree Collateral Manager enables clients to monitor counterparties, mitigate risk and minimize capital encumbrance across uncleared OTC and bilateral repo…
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Hazeltree Margin Manager™

Can you monitor margin requirements across counterparties, and protect assets? Hazeltree Margin Manager™ aggregates your margin reports across your counterparties and effectively consolidates each of your prime broker margin policies to independently confirm each margin call you receive. Hazeltree Margin Manager lets you verify, meet, and manage their margin obligations across your counterparties and brokers.…
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Hazeltree Debt Manager™

Are you tracking your credit facilities on spreadsheets? Can you easily reconcile your fees? Hazeltree Debt Manager™ lets clients effectively manage credit facilities to streamline liquidity usage. Hazeltree Debt Manager automates data sourcing from various lenders, initiates electronic draw/pay downs and interest payments, reconciliation of fees between lenders and borrowers, credit agreement management, covenant management,…
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Hazeltree Investor Notices™

Can you automate your capital calls and distribution process? Hazeltree Investor Notices™ efficiently manages dynamic generation and communication of various types of investor notices such as capital calls and distributions to Limited Partners. Clients can easily create different investor notice templates, assign legal entity recipients and designate communication transport settings (e.g., email, sFTP and FAX)…
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Hazeltree Broker Insights™

Are you achieving your desired wallet share of buy-side business? How do you compare with your peers? Hazeltree provides innovative cloud-based treasury solutions to investment management firms, delivering enhanced transparency, liquidity, improved performance and risk mitigation. Hazeltree is a flexible and modular solution that offers bestof-breed treasury management capabilities, including cash, liquidity, collateral, securities finance,…
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Hazeltree Data Insights™

Are you actively managing and optimizing your cash to unlock value? Hazeltree’s community of hedge funds, separately managed accounts and asset managers, collectively operating with ~$2 trillion in client assets, require the highest levels of performance when it comes to data management and insights. Our robust technology framework and processing powering collect, normalize, anonymize, and…
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“Moving our collateral management off spreadsheets and to Hazeltree’s cloud solution helps us automate responding to calls, focus on collateral exceptions and, generally, streamline the interactions with our ISDA counterparties.”


Tom D’Orsi, Head of Treasury – Capital Markets at Bain Capital.

“As a user of the platform, we have found Hazeltree to be a transformative technology solution, allowing us to increase the speed and reliability of our treasury operations and gain greater security over our cash management processes, all while expanding our visibility into overall funding and currency needs for our clients.”


Erik Hirsch, Vice Chairman and Head of Strategic Initiatives at Hamilton Lane.

“Our clients are asking for a robust treasury management solution. We believe that Hazeltree offers an industry leading suite of treasury management solutions.”


Jim Kelly, HedgeServ’s Chairman.

“As a leading investment manager, we are continually enhancing our ability to provide our investors with consistent returns, minimize our operational risks, and efficiently scale our business.”


Seth Fischer, Oasis’ Founder and Chief Investment Officer.

“Hazeltree has helped to streamline our treasury management function and has delivered leading-edge risk-reduction capabilities.”


Pat Lomelo, Neuberger Berman’s Global Head of Operations.

“Cash Optimization is a significant step for investment managers looking to automate what has been a labor-intensive process of managing cash balances, liquidity investments and payments among a complex network of counterparties.”


Peter Sanchez, CEO of Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services.

“Hazeltree provides us with an efficient centralized systematic approach to optimize our treasury function across cash and margin and eliminates the need to use multiple counterparty portals.”


Nicholas Bloom, Ovata Capital’s Chief Operating Officer.


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