Reduce Risk, Increase Returns, Maximize Control

zTreasury™ is an innovative SaaS-based Treasury Management System that removes transactional friction and delivers tangible business value. Seamlessly consolidate banking, brokerage, and counterparties on a secure, unified platform.

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Benefits of zTreasury

Benefits of zTreasury

Increased Control
Increased Control

Efficiently manage cash with consolidated views, reducing risk and enhancing control. Empower C-suite to focus on value-added tasks for strategic impact.

Reduced Risk
Reduced Risk

Centralize cash and payments ops for disaster recovery and control. Automation mitigates data and operational risks, empowers staff, and safeguards against succession issues.

Better Returns
Better Returns

Gain timely insights for superior decision-making. Redeploy capital strategically, delivering improved returns for investors with our timely, enhanced data.


Adapt to changing fund needs with Hazeltree's flexible treasury solutions. Open connectivity integrates seamlessly into your operational workflows.

Key Product Features

Streamline cash operations across all financial relationships

Cash Management

Aggregate cash management across accounts and institutions. Fully integrated with Transactions and Liquidity Projections.

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Transaction Management

Customizable approval and audit workflows bring order to transaction management across multiple banking and custodial relationships in a single view.

Money Market Access

Automatically put idle cash to work earning interest or reducing costs through automated cash sweeps to money market funds.

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Cash, position, and transaction reconciliation. Sophisticated machine-learning-based matching and a customizable workflow to manage breaks.

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FX Hedging

Hedge positions and cashflows with precision and transparency, empowering your financial strategy for robust and secure foreign exchange management.

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