Precision liquidity management

zLiquidity™ powers liquidity strategy for alternative asset managers. Utilize sophisticated algorithms for just-in-time execution, model bank credit facilities confidently, and streamline capital lifecycle management.

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Benefits of zLiquidity

Benefits of zLiquidity

Optimized Liquidity
Optimized Liquidity

Harness algorithms for just-in-time liquidity execution, filling cash shortfalls seamlessly.

Confident Modeling
Confident Modeling

Accurately model even the most complex entity and partnership structures, enabling optimized cascading cash flows.

Enhanced Capital Planning
Enhanced Capital Planning

Manage and streamline the capital planning lifecycle.

360° View of Liquidity
360° View of Liquidity

View cash, investor capital, and debt information holistically.

Key Product Features

Manage liquidity across the enterprise

Cashflow Modeling

Optimize cash flows with intuitive, easy-to-use forecasting, and modeling.

Liquidity Projections

Fully integrated with transactions, cash flows, and cash management.

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Credit Facility Management

Proprietary debt engine precisely models bank debt products and integrates with transaction management.

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Capital Account Management

Create notices, monitor call progress, and update capital account balances to feed subscription line borrow base estimation.

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