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zInsights™ is a unique data product derived from Hazeltree’s hedge fund community, designed to provide unparalleled insights into securities finance rates and financial market activity.

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Benefits of zInsights

Benefits of zInsights

Borrow Cost Optimization
Borrow Cost Optimization

Treasury operations teams and stock loan traders use the HT Rate pre- and post-trade as a benchmark for negotiating lower rates with their broker counterparties.

Position Monetization
Position Monetization

Long positions with high HT Rates can be lent by hedge funds to their prime brokers in exchange for a share of the revenue.

Trading Signal Generation
Trading Signal Generation

Portfolio managers and trade decision-makers use the predictive power of the HT Rate, crowdedness, and positioning indicators in their investment processes to drive alpha and stay ahead of short-squeeze events.

Market Color
Market Color

Explore and identify broad trends in sectors and industries and zoom into see security-level analysis.

Key Product Features

Data-driven insights for the financial markets

Daily Frequency

Real trade date rates for alternative investment manager community.

Longs and Shorts

Metrics are produced on both long and short positions, includingphysical and synthetic (swap) holdings.


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