Securities Finance, Margin Analytics, and Collateral Management

zFinance™ is a cloud-based platform for alternative investment managers to control, monitor, reconcile, and benchmark their counterparty and custodian-related operations.

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Benefits of zFinance

Benefits of zFinance

Bird’s-Eye Monitoring
Bird’s-Eye Monitoring

Elevate your strategic vision in real-time with a single access overview that scrutinizes counterparty and custodian positions and transactions.

Smart Actions
Smart Actions

Empower your decision-making with suggested and automated, data-driven strategies that optimize operations and conserve resources.

Situational Controls
Situational Controls

Proactively navigate challenges and mitigate risk with exceptions-based controls.

Simplified Reporting
Simplified Reporting

Provide your team with a streamlined, data-driven approach for enhanced operational oversight and consistent reporting.

Key Product Features

Strategic insights informing streamlined operations

Securities Finance

Monitor open positions and borrowing costs, gaining access to benchmarking insights for informed and strategic decision-making.

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Collateral Management

Upgrade your operations with our best-in-class solution. Ensure connectivity, transparency, and unparalleled efficiency in collateral management across PB, FCM, repo, MSFTA and ISDA agreements, including UMR compliance.

Margin Management

Compare margin rates across PBs and across time periods to ensure accuracy and cash-efficiency. Monitor cash buffers and easily pull back excesses to optimize liquidity.

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