Hazeltree Margin Manager™

Take control. Unlock Value. Perform

Hazeltree Margin Manager aggregates your margin reports across your counterparties and effectively replicates each of your prime broker margin policies to independently confirm each margin call you receive. Hazeltree Margin Manager lets you verify, meet, and manage their margin obligations across your counterparties and brokers. With a more accurate and independent understanding of all your margin positions, and a more efficient support for your trading activities, savings will add up.

Key Product Features

  • Dashboard view of margin requirements
  • Tools to verify prime broker margin calculations and manage
  • ‘Prime broker house’ or regulatory margining
  • Analytics to identify differences across prime brokers and other counterparties
  • Easy management of excess margin across primes

Key Benefits

Broad Connectivity

  • Direct connectivity to prime brokers and major commercially available software.

Greater Transparency

  • Centralized view of prime broker numbers to determine accuracy and take action
  • Easy analysis of margin requirements

Unparalleled Efficiency

  • Support all trading activities with sophisticated, multi-dimensional margin analytics
  • Single-click securities transfers

High Scalability

  • Streamlined margin operations
  • Automated workflows

A Single Platform to Manage Margin


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advisory management


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