Hazeltree Broker Insights™

Hazeltree Broker Insights provides prime brokers with critical insights to understand how their clients are interacting with them. Hazeltree offers prime brokers and their clients an easy way to interact with one another to create a win-win collaborative partnership.

Key Product Features

  • Global securities lending market data
  • Top long and short position changes
  • Top sector and industry changes
  • Top security rate changes
  • Crowdedness indicators
  • Historical time weighted series
  • Confidence scoring metrics
  • External price and utilization data

Key Benefits

Broad Connectivity

  • Direct connectivity to prime brokers and integration to major commercially available software.

Greater Transparency

  • Unique anonymized peer group view providing wallet share and benchmarking information.

Unparalleled Market Color

  • Macro market and micro security level views on securities financing activity
  • Global securities lending market data
  • Top long and short position
  • Top sector and industry movers
  • Top security rate changes

High Scalability

  • Streamlined portfolio finance operations with straight-through-processing
  • Automated workflows


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