Exclusive: Hazeltree Doubles Client Base

New York-headquartered treasury management firm HazelTree has told HFMWeek that its client list has doubled this year.

The firm had 20 clients at the beginning of the year and will end 2014 with just over 40, of which 35 are hedge funds, CEO Stephen Casner said. “It’s been a banner year for us, partly because we’ve got really good products, customers and people, but also because this marketplace is doing very well right now,” Casner said.

He added: “It’s a good time to be a hedge fund manager, both from a capital inflow perspective and the capability to make returns – 2014 has been a great year.”

HazelTree’s hedge fund clients vary in size from $70bn in AUM to $500m, with an average asset size of between $5bn and $10bn.

Its treasury management services include cash management, securities financing, prime brokerage analytics, reconciliation and collateral management.

HazelTree, which also has offices in London and Hong Kong, hopes to add another 20 or 30 clients to its books next year.

The firm’s technology is based on experience the firm’s team had in building a treasury system at Remy Trafelet’s hedge fund Trafelet Delta Funds, with the tech team spinning out and forming HazelTree in 2010.