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Hazeltree Monthly Shortside Report

Hazeltree is pleased to present its inaugural Shortside Crowdedness Report, a monthly listing of the top 10 shorted securities in the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions in the large-, mid-, and small-cap exchanges. With unique access to market sentiment, including both physical and swap transactions, Hazeltree presents an alternative view of how widely spread shorting activity is amongst the alternative asset manager community. The information in this report is based on shorting activity in April 2023.


Sharpening the Focus on Treasury Management for Alternative Asset Managers

Recent events in the financial and banking world have put a spotlight on overall liquidity, cash management and risk mitigation for alternative asset managers in both the private and public markets. Many firms are assessing their own practices and processes to ensure they have full operational transparency and the ability to manage cash efficiently.

Sharpening the Focus on Treasury Management for Alternative Asset Managers

Treasury Management FAQs

What does good treasury management look like? Questions and answers for alternative asset managers seeking to make their treasury processes more efficient.


A Conversation on Liquidity Strategies in a High interest Rate Environment – Are You Prepared?

Liquidity management has been thrown into sharp focus recently. In a recent YouTube broadcast we discussed how managers can respond to liquidity and risk management challenges and look at what the potential broader impacts of recent events could be for private capital funds.


Making UMR 7 Work for Your Firm

Firms that met Phase 6 of the Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) deadline last year are likely trying to streamline their process, whereas other firms that were not subject to the requirements last year may meet the thresholds now. Check out this webinar to learn more.

White Papers

A Renewed Look At Cash Management & Controls for Private Equity Fund Managers: Emboldened By A ‘New Normal’

In collaboration with Adams Street Partners, this whitepaper examines how Treasury management solutions have become a bigger part of some firms’ business continuity planning, helping them sustain a “work from home” mode that complicates cash operations, as well as helping them forecast the months of uncertainty ahead.

White Papers

Weathering the 2020 Storm: Market Volatility, Location Disruption, Cyber Threats, and Record Volumes

This whitepaper examines the market impact of COVID-19, highlighting new operational challenges facing investment managers that require immediate attention.

White Papers

STAYING IN CONTROL: Maintaining Funding and Liquidity During the COVID-19 Crisis

This whitepaper highlights the impacts of COVID-19 crisis on liquidity and describes some of the areas that treasurers and risk managers should consider during this unprecedented global crisis.

White Papers

Clearing Up The Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR): A Comprehensive Guide for Hedge Fund and Asset Managers

This guide provides an overview of the regulations for initial margin on uncleared OTC derivatives (“UMR”) and explains to hedge fund managers and asset managers how they need to prepare for these changes.

White Papers

The evolving treasury and securities finance ecosystem

This paper provides an overview of the evolving treasury and securities finance ecosystem. For asset managers, hedge funds and other investors, embracing transparency, gaining an edge, and actively managing the treasury function are essential ingredients for success in an increasingly competitive environment.

White Papers

Capital Activity Management for Private Markets

This whitepaper examines cash management from the fund sponsor perspective along the dimension of capital activity administration, which is fundamental to the goal of delivering optimal IRR.

White Papers

Managed Accounts Bridging the Gap Special Report

This special HFM report outlines that managed accounts have become the accepted face of alternative investing, platform providers have a new role to play: assisting institutional investors execute their hedge fund strategies in a socially responsible way.* Please note that Hazeltree acquired Enso Financial Analytics, a company previously owned by CME Group Inc.

Case Studies

The rise of the treasurer: A technology imperative for asset managers?

Why is it, when it comes to technology, the consensus is that asset managers have lagged their hedge fund counterparts? For a while now, hedge fund managers have been actively seeking new ways to improve operational efficiency and expand their asset base, as pressure on margins shows no signs of abating. Read full article.

White Papers

The Treasury Technology Imperative

The Treasury Technology Imperative: An optimization guide for hedge funds & asset managers

What Does ‘Cash Optimization’ Mean for a PE Manager?
White Papers

New Opportunities in Alternative Mutual Funds Canada

This report highlights the new alternative investment strategies for the Canadian mutual fund industry.

Case Studies

Comprehensive Cash Management

New York-based credit hedge fund with over $50B AUM wanted to streamline its cash and wire management and added Hazeltree Cash Manager™ to improve operational efficiencies and controls.

White Papers

The Value of Active Treasury Management

This paper focuses on how efficient cash management can enhance yield. It emphasizes the importance of treasury not only in reducing operational risk and protecting assets but also in generating significant potential alpha also referred as “Treasury P&L”

Case Studies

Effective Cash and Collateral Management

New York-based multi-strategy hedge fund with over $25B AUM wanted to streamline its cash and collateral management and added Hazeltree Cash Manager™ and Hazeltree Collateral Management to reduce risk and exposure, improve operational efficiencies, and increase transparency.

What Does ‘Cash Optimization’ Mean for a PE Manager?
Case Studies

Transparent Securities Finance

Global Asset Manager with over $100B AUM wanted to optimize and increase transparency in managing their counterparties costs around borrow rates and overall finance costs and added Hazeltree Securities Finance and Hazeltree Counterparty Metrics™ to streamline their process.

White Papers

Investors Focus on Treasury Management

This paper highlights institutional investors focus on treasury management with a key list of operational due diligence questions related to treasury operations.

White Papers

Active Counterparty Management

This paper is a detailed overview of the benefits of actively managing counterparties to minimizing risk and ensuring an effective partnership with each counterparty.

White Papers

Active Treasury Management

This paper is a comprehensive overview of the different benefits and aspects of managing an active treasury function.