‘The Treasury Technology Imperative’ An Optimization Guide for Hedge Funds and Asset Managers

Specialist treasury technology has been the domain of the world’s largest hedge funds and asset managers in the past, allowing them a competitive edge in reporting, analysis and optimizing work flow management and cost savings. Today, sophisticated treasury technology capabilities are accessible to the full spectrum of institutional investors, from two-person boutique organizations through to the world’s largest asset managers.

As investor demands increase, and the operating and regulatory environment becomes more challenging, the right treasury solutions provide institutional investors with scalability and flexibility to manage change and growth.

Outsourced software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology helps hedge funds and asset managers to harness data more effectively, deliver mission-critical analytics and create a streamlined, automated and controlled work flow to reduce costs, manage risks, and increase efficiency.

* Please note that Hazeltree acquired Enso Financial Analytics, a company previously owned by CME Group Inc.

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