Collateral Manager™

A single platform to manage collateral and counterparty exposure

Can you easily respond to demands or recall excess collateral? Are you ready to comply with UMR requirements?

Hazeltree provides innovative cloud-based treasury solutions to investment management firms, delivering enhanced transparency, liquidity, improved performance and risk mitigation.

Hazeltree is a flexible and modular solution that offers bestof-breed treasury management capabilities, including cash, liquidity, collateral, securities finance, and analytics solutions. Our advanced technology provides the most efficient methods to increase scale, manage liquidity, and realize revenue opportunities.

$2+ Trillion

Total assets under advisory


Global buy-side clients



Hazeltree Collateral Manager™ is a next-generation collateral and exposure management solution designed specifically for the buy-side.

Hazeltree Collateral Manager enables clients to monitor counterparties, mitigate risk and minimize capital encumbrance across uncleared OTC and bilateral repo transactions, thereby protecting clients while optimizing usage of liquidity.

Market participants benefit from our unique algorithmic rules engine, Hazeltree Optimizer™, to configure and automate operations such as collateral calls and pledges to optimize OTC collateral balances.

  • Greater Transparency: Centralized view of outstanding collateral, analytics, and counterparty exposure.
  • Unparalleled Efficiency: Identify differences or opportunities to recall excess collateral and improve liquidity. Monitor exposures on an agreement-by-agreement basis.
  • UMR Compliant: Meet contractual collateral requirements, Uncleared Margin Rules and Standard Initial Margin Model (UMR and SIMM) mandates, and regulatory collateral requirements.
  • Automated Actions: Automate the daily call management
    process with straight-through processing of margin call workflows, allowing you to focus on exceptions.

Full Transparency and Better Efficiency

Hazeltree Collateral Manager™ includes the following key features:

  • Flexible dashboard views
  • Validate both sides of margin calls to reduce exposure and optimize alpha
  • Workflow allows for both posting and collecting collateral to meet regulatory obligations
  • Support for all three industry-standard approaches for managing IA vs IM (Distinct approach, Allocated approach, & “Greater Of” approach)
  • Instruct collateral movements as pledging party or secured party, for third-party or triparty custody accounts
  • Utilize regulatory threshold across accounts to minimize the need for collateral posting
  • Integrated with counterparties and AcadiaSoft to streamline collateral management workflow
  • Support for SIMM and/or schedule-based regulatory initial margin calculations