Oasis Management Streamlines Cash and Collateral Management with Hazeltree

New York, London and Hong Kong, February 26, 2019 – Hazeltree, the leading provider of integrated buy-side treasury management solutions, and Oasis Management Company, an international investment manager focused on investing in equity and debt markets, announced the successful implementation of Hazeltree’s cash and collateral management product suite.  Hazeltree helps Oasis’ finance and treasury team better manage operational risks through strengthened internal controls, driving efficiencies and increasing yield on cash management.

Oasis Management implemented the following Hazeltree products:

Hazeltree Cash Manager™ which enables centralized aggregation and monitoring of Oasis’ cash balances across more than 35 brokers, banks, and other counterparties; optimizes cash usage and maximizes yield while minimizing currency risk; and, enables cash movements and payments across all funds through a fully integrated wire solution, including multi-level authorizations, robust controls and detailed audit trails.

Hazeltree Collateral Manager™ which streamlines and aggregates Oasis’ OTC collateral management activity; compares and reconciles internal, independently-valued OTC positions; applies relevant CSA terms; and, efficiently responds to, issues, or disputes daily margin calls to minimize collateral usage.

“As a leading investment manager, we are continually enhancing our ability to provide our investors with consistent returns, minimize our operational risks, and efficiently scale our business,” said Seth Fischer, Oasis’ Founder and Chief Investment Officer. “Hazeltree provided an integrated, scalable solution that fully supports our expanding business requirements and has proven to be the ideal partner.”

“In Hazeltree, we found a partner that provides a solution to support more efficiently our front office team, and to further strengthen our controls and minimize operational risks,” said Phillip Meyer, Oasis’ General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer.  “Over years of continued success and growth, we have added numerous counterparties and complexity, and Hazeltree offers a solution to manage this growth in a scalable and economic manner.”

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