<b>Sol Zlotchenko</b><br>Chief Technology Officer

Sol Zlotchenko

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Zlotchenko joined Hazeltree in 2016 and oversees technology direction and development efforts. Prior to joining Hazeltree, Mr. Zlotchenko most recently was chief technology officer of investment management solutions provider, Paladyne Systems, which he co-founded in 2005 and was integral to its global growth until it was eventually acquired by Broadridge Financial Solutions in 2011. As CTO, Mr. Zlotchenko was responsible for all aspects of technology operations including development and product management. He played a key role in building Paladyne’s hosted Application Service Provider (ASP) solution, which was scalable for hedge funds of any size and for industry service providers. Prior to Paladyne, Mr. Zlotchenko has been a technology executive at a number of hedge funds and Goldman Sachs.