Hazeltree Securities Finance ™ version 7 empowers market participants with comprehensive data and workflows

Hazeltree Securities Finance™ Version 7 is a comprehensive portfolio finance solution integrated with new market color, benchmark and intra-day rates, and utilization trends. It enables hedge funds, asset managers and beneficial owners to:

identify and monitor treasury market inefficiencies and opportunities,

obtain demonstrable best-execution financing rates,

attribute and record financing accruals on a portfolio or strategy basis, and

efficiently transfer securities with OneClick between prime brokers, custodians and banks.

Industry participants benefit from daily and intra-day market rates and prices as well as intra-day activity displaying recalls and new borrows. Hazeltree provides trends on over 44,000 global securities, and 20,000 underlying lending funds with availability in excess of $15 trillion and over $2.5 trillion in outstanding transactions, alongside five years of historical data. 

All data points are tightly integrated and arranged in a single view to enhance overall transparency and rate discovery, resulting in improved investment decisions.

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